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Est. 2014

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Neural Pathways

Our Mission:
Superhuman Performance
Knowledge + Community + Wellness

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What is biohacking? It's the art and science of taking control of your own biology, and manipulating the environment outside and inside yourself so you can program it to perform at any level you want and supercharge results.

stronger, faster, smarter, happier - 'better than better'

We're building a community of biohackers to engage with ideas and each other.

– james a. caldwell,
biohackers collective founder

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The Team

Elias Arjan

Elias Arjan

los angeles organizer

Cathia Badiere

Cathia Badiere

toronto organizer

Joe Hanney

Joe Hanney

singapore organizer

Van Thu Nguyen

Steve Williams

seattle organizer

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Laird Hamilton XPT

Unlock the code of ultimate human potential.

– james a. caldwell, snomad • #youonlybetter


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